Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hard Lemonade

So we've been working on the beverage list for the wedding.

Texas beers (Shiner and Lone Star), check
Chilean wine (Concho y Toro, since Alex's mom is from Chile), check.

Plus definitely sodas and water, but I'm on the fence about whether we really need to add in any other alcohol. If we do, I'm thinking hard lemonade, since our colors are yellow, and we're including lemons in the decor. Or even just regular lemonade or maybe both.

I love the idea of including them in a dispenser like the one above. I just LOVE it. However, I'd need to find one at a decent price. The ones I looked at at Target all have bad reviews about leaking or breaking.

The one above comes from Crate and Barrel. Image via Style Me Pretty.


Jeanne said...

My sister-in-law had the cutest lemonade stand set up near the entrance of her outdoor wedding ceremony this weekend. It was adorable and perfect on a hot summer day. One of the outdoor bars had a table that was covered with a layer of uncut limes and glass on top. It was stunning!

Anonymous said...
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