Sunday, July 19, 2009

What to do for the dance floor?

Pondering ideas for the dance floor for the wedding. Alex and I have been working on the music for a while now. We already know the song we'll dance to first. We'll also be including the first dance song from all of the married couples in our wedding party.

However, I haven't given much thought to the dance floor itself. I think I originally had in mind just using the patio as the dance floor. Then I saw small rental dance floors that are fun. Some are black and white checked even.

Now, I've just seen this dance floor shown here which I love -- the idea of the curtains surrounding the dance floor. Looks similar to how the altar we've been talking about has been created.

I have to be careful not going overboard with the things we have to build however. It all comes down to where I want the emphasis to be! I'll have to give it some thought...

I also have to remember that by the time people are dancing at the end of the night, they'll have been drinking, and anything we build for the dance floor has to stand up to that!

Image via the Bridal Affairs Blog.