Monday, October 19, 2009

Backyard Lights

I've been so busy wedding planning and bachelorette party having that I haven't blogged much. This past weekend was an absolute blast! Photos of my 35th birthday party / bachelorette party to come soon.

But we're down to the wire and are working on some final details. Such as lighting for the backyard. This is what I'm going for. Strings of lights over the tables, except our tables are long and rectangular. However, I imagine the effect being similar.

UPDATE: Below are a few shots of our backyard lights.  Many, many thanks to my friend Liezl who worked out all the details and did so much hard work to make it happen!!!

I've also included a few details on what was involved in making it all happen for any other DIY brides looking to do their own backyard wedding lights as well.

It took a fair amount of work to make it happen because the area where we had all the tables set up was in the middle of my sister's huge yard, so we had to hammer a bunch of PVC poles into place to support the strings of light.  The strings were so long they ended up weighing a bit too, so we had to hammer the posts pretty deep into the ground to support the weight.  We also had a generator hidden away to plug them all into.  We borrowed that from Liezl which was great because she had one that wasn't too noisy, and we tucked it away behind the garage.

My sister had lights on the patio and a bright light in the middle of the yard which also helped to make sure there was enough lighting overall.

We timed it so that we were in the grassy area eating by candlelight at sunset, but by the time it got dark out, we'd all moved over to the patio which had more lighting.

I was very thrilled with how it all turned out.  Between the strings of lights and all of candles on the tables, the lighting was beautiful and romantic.

I included this last one because i just love the lighting, and it kind of cracks me up as well.  Even in November, there are mosquitoes in Texas, so we had a few cans of repellent on hand just in case. (We also had the grass treated in advance too.)

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