Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seeking creative ideas!

I just found these adorable tickets on etsy, so I'm looking for ideas on how I can incorporate them into the wedding? Thoughts?

Available from School Locker on Etsy.


Liezl said...

You could...

Make streamers?

Make cool looking lanterns?

Put wedding messages?

Use them as a raffle to mix-up guests seating?

Use them as tickets to dance with the bride and groom?

When we were kids, we use to use similar style raffle tickets and weave them together and make coasters out of them...not sure how that is wedding related yet, but could be some decorative element...

Anonymous said...

Hi! sorry for bothering you with my nosiness but I´m fooling around searching for wedding cakes and I stumbled upon your blog, as everybody does (or at least me :P)I started reading the old post and not only I found a lovely story - yours - but also a bunch of ideas and cool stuff. So, let´s stop with the nonsense, and let me tell you two things:
- yellow team: good, original idea (particularly I don´t think you should have a team, but is just and opinion) and it goes perfect with the retro taste.
- regarding this lovely cards you found the only thing that came to my mind was to make a square or rectangular colored trivet using different colors. They would definitely add a lot of color to your wedding. I hope it helps! ;)
Good luck and good marriage!

P.D.: sample picture (sorry, I couldn´t find a better one!)=>

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