Thursday, January 1, 2009


I'm full of ideas for what I want to do for the reception table.

Couples often place photos there, so I thought it might be a fun retro touch to do a few different Viewmaster reels. Perhaps with various pics of us in one and then another of our families -- and it'd be super cute to have one with the dogs.

I'm such a sucker for vintage toys that I thought that would be really fun!

This DIY might be more of a challenge, but I'm totally up for it! Or I could go the easy route with this vendor, Studio 3D, who not only sells Viewmasters, including this way cool retro one below, but they also create custom ViewMaster slides. Very Cool!


Vintage_Bride said...

Okay, this is a way cool idea. You and I are definitely on the same page with our wedding. I was thinking of having our guests' wedding photos at the reception somehow (boringly in a collage by the guest book) but this idea is heaps more fun!! Can you imagine the surprise of seeing their own photos in the Viewmaster! :-)


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