Monday, August 31, 2009

Our bridesmaids dresses

I'm super excited that we've just selected our bridesmaids dresses. (Assuming they all fit well...)

I wanted to make sure everyone would be in a dress they liked, but I didn't want everyone wearing the same thing.

I also really like the variety of color. I think these dresses go very well with our yellow and gray color scheme, and despite the different fabrics and styles, I think the fact that they're all knee-length, have ties at the waist, as well as v-necks helps unify them.


Sydney, Australia said...

Hey Heather, It's been a while since I viewed your blog. We are getting married a week apart. I love your bridesmaid dresses and that you managed to get your girls into different dresses AND still unify them. Kudos to you! My colour scheme is Silver, Lilac and Purple, with my bridesmaids in lilac. I had a real hard time finding anything lovely in lilac so we ended up with both my girls wearing the same dress (and my junior bridesmaids will also have a dress that matches each other). Anyway, it's super cool that you posted the dresses here. I have not been brave enough to share all my details on my blog as a lot of my guests are reading it and I kind of want things to remain a surprise.

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