Saturday, January 24, 2009

Block print wedding invitation

I've talked a lot about wanting custom wedding invitations. It's one of the few areas where I would want to spend money. And yet, given my background in art and design, it also feels like an area where I should go DIY.

I originally had my heart set on letterpress, one thing I can't quite DIY all by my lonesome; however, once I thought about doing block prints instead, everything clicked into place.

How perfect to have original artwork for the invitations! And block prints I can totally do myself.

I've shown a few different block prints here as inspiration!

Of course this last one would have to be two birdies. Love the red breast (heart).


Courtney Page said...

, i love this post and i want to do the same thing for my wedding invitations. have you done it yet? I'd love to see them! and if you have any advice... i think i want to dive into it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Are these block prints your work or what is the artist's name? I love them. Anyway, you have good taste.

flippee. said...

Love the post and the invites. Could use these images on my wedding blog The Sassy Wedding, @ I'll link back and give you plenty of DIY credit where it is due! They will be featured in a post about block print wedding invites.

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udaya210 said...

When I design custom invitations, I offer to design custom postage for my clients to complete the look of their invitation package. The party starts when the guests open their invitations, so setting the tone of the party with the invitation is important. But even before the envelope is opened, the first impression the guest has of the invitation is what’s on the outside.